Friday, 13 December 2019

12 Days of Skiing the USA

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The holiday season is upon us where we must savor each moment spending time frolicking through the snow, participating in family fun activities, giving thanks, and anticipating the arrival of jolly-ole Saint Nick. This time of year can get crazy and we can forget the happiness and joy holidays are supposed to bring to our lives. We (try to) reflect on the year to come to terms with our decisions and possibly make amends and/or new directions.

Thus, I am writing this to bring some of that joy and happiness back; to forget the stress and remember the little things that truly make us happy.

A rendition of the 12 days of Christmas all about skiing. I bring you the 12 days of skiing the USA.

On the 1st day of skiing there was a declaration of "ONE MORE LAP" (*screaming at the top of your lungs*)

On the 2nd day of skiing, a pair of skis freshly waxed ready for snow at your door step...I wonder who brought those?

On the 3rd day of skiing, an Ewarmer 3-in-1 power bank - charges your phone, acts as a hand warmer, & LED flashlight to find your way home - was on your bedstand (putting it in your stocking would be too early...)

On the 4th day of skiing we went skiing on the 4 mountains of one day! What an epic day!

Aspen Mountain, Snowmass, Buttermilk, & Highlands

On the 5th day of skiing my true love gave to me 5 more days of skiing wherever I want! Can you say ROAD TRIP??!!

Chalets USA has alllll the accommodations for your ski holiday & extra days!

On the 6th day of skiing, we bought 6 matching pieces of outer clothing for our ski holiday. "Look, honey, we match! Aren't we the cutest snow bunnies?!"

Snow bunnies

On the 7th day of skiing, we decided to road trip to ski the 7 back bowls of Vail.

Legendary Back Bowls of Vail - bucket list adventure for your ski holiday

On the 8th day of skiing, we had 8 hours of sunshine on the mountain slopes.

Bluebird day; not a cloud in the sky

On the 9th day of skiing, my true love gave to me a 9th hour - Happy Hour! Best way to end a day of skiing...or several days of skiing.

On the 10th day of skiing, my true love shared with me, 10 cups of hot cocoa. The second best way to end a day of skiing....or several days of skiing.

Cute snowmen marshmallows in hot cocoa

On the 11th day of skiing, my true love gave to me, 11 ski in/ski out accommodations to choose from...for our 11th day of skiing in a row. (Better pick a 5 snowflake, luxury condo/apartment)

Trails End Lodge, Deer Valley, Utah - ski holiday self-catered apartments

On the 12th day of skiing, 12 snowy chairlifts because 12 inches of snow fell last night...Is this over yet so we can go ski fresh tracks?!


We at Chalets USA wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Now go skiing!!


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