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Chalet USA owners Helen Gienke & Rob Brown stumbled upon Colorado, USA in 2001, whilst on career break from their UK Marketing jobs, skied there all winter & never looked back. We wanted to share this fantastic USA ski holiday experience with other UK skiers, so we set up Chalets USA in 2004. We live in Colorado, know the ski resorts and the accommodation and can give you advice of finding the right skiing holiday for you. www.chalets-usa.co.uk

Monday, 11 June 2018

Types of people you meet on USA ski lifts

Ever met any of these people on Colorado ski lifts? From those that talk your ear off to those that are jittering from the height, there are revealing signs for each one.


They worked for decades to save up enough money to move to the mountains in their old age. They're there at 9:30am most days and definitely get more ski days in than you.


A hard worker like the retiree, but seasonally. They work hard all summer so that when the season changes and the snow starts to fall, they can ski all day. Tell-tale signs of a Ski Bum are those home packed lunches and expensive skis on top of their cheap truck.


They know the mountain like the back of their hand. If you need to know about the snowfall, mountain or the names, difficulty and powder levels of the runs, ask them. They will know, not that they are willing to share their secrets.


They double up on runs by speeding down the slopes and waiting for no man. They ski alone so they don't have to stop and love to shred the mountain so that they get the most out of their lift pass. Usually highly skilled, don't try and keep up!


Texas may be bigger, but Colorado is better, for skiing at least. So these southern ski belles hurry to Colorado on their holidays to take advantage of the snow. They may only ski one week a year, so spend a while skiing the slopes a little precariously. But after residing in the bar, they come back to the slopes a pro.


After a long week of working, they just want to get out of the city, so by waking up in the small hours of the morning, they head to the slopes. Catching the first chair, they get the most out of the ski before making their way back home in mid-afternoon to beat the traffic back to the city. A day of immense pow means no work even on the week days! 


If you were lucky enough to be born in or around a ski area, you'll recognise this as you or one of your friends. No parents or instructors needed, this kid already has all the required muscle movements that mean they'll be in the Winter Olympics by the time they're 15.


It's true that families who ski can find some amazing solace in the mountains of Colorado, but this is not always an easy job for the parents. Carrying everyone's skis, not losing the kids that are actually better skiers than themselves (although they'd never admit it), and wiping the tears of the cold, tired little ones can be tough, but it'll all be worth it when they can ski by themselves.


Everyone has to learn to ski at some point, and when these guys get let loose by their instructors, they ask you all their questions. However, don't mock them, we need them too! Help them out by pointing out the easier runs, the route back to the base and any other tips you may have.


For some, the only way to spend Spring Break is on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains. While many students may seek out the beach on their college breaks, the snow is where you should go for others since the Colorado bluebird spring days have great snow and great sun, where could you go wrong? They may have drunk too much the night before and be so cold from lack of knowledge about appropriate ski gear for the altitude, but they're still loving life.

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