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Chalet USA owners Helen Gienke & Rob Brown stumbled upon Colorado, USA in 2001, whilst on career break from their UK Marketing jobs, skied there all winter & never looked back. We wanted to share this fantastic USA ski holiday experience with other UK skiers, so we set up Chalets USA in 2004. We live in Colorado, know the ski resorts and the accommodation and can give you advice of finding the right skiing holiday for you. www.chalets-usa.co.uk

Friday, 11 October 2013

When is the best time to ski in the USA?

My clients often ask me when is the best time of year to ski in the USA? Of course it depends on many factors, but one of the important variables is when are the Colorado USA slopes the quietest and lift queues the shortest...

Here's a great article on when you should go skiing in the USA and it's definitely different from Europe - take a look: http://www.chalets-usa.co.uk/when-is-the-best-quietest-time-to-ski-in-the-usa.htm

When is the quietest time to ski in Colorado?
Boarders have the slopes to themselves in Steamboat