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Chalet USA owners Helen Gienke & Rob Brown stumbled upon Colorado, USA in 2001, whilst on career break from their UK Marketing jobs, skied there all winter & never looked back. We wanted to share this fantastic USA ski holiday experience with other UK skiers, so we set up Chalets USA in 2004. We live in Colorado, know the ski resorts and the accommodation and can give you advice of finding the right skiing holiday for you. www.chalets-usa.co.uk

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Highlighting Beaver Creek

The resort of the rich and famous, Beaver Creek, has a special place in our hearts... 

With beautifully groomed slopes, quiet skiing and 325 inches of snow each year, this Colorado resort is heaven on earth for any level skier!

It's not just the slopes at Beaver Creek that stand out, but the accommodation and luxury amenities.

The White Carpet Club is one of these amenities, a private, exclusive retreat in the village where you can keep your street shoes in lockers while the ski valet is there to help with your gear. With boot dryers and complimentary cookies, this is the perfect addition to your luxury ski holiday, with daily, weekly and more extended memberships available. 

White Carpet Club luxury care, free cookies, boot room and lockers Beaver Creek

At Beaver Creek you don't have to worry about slow lifts as the upgraded Drink of Water chairlift #5 is now a high speed 4 passenger lift, re-named the Red Buffalo Express (one of the 11 high speed quad lifts). To make skiing even easier, there are escalators to take you up the slopes, no more stomping around the village in your boots!

Accommodation is also a massive part of what makes Beaver Creek so special. With luxury ski in, ski out properties such as Snow Cloud Lodge and Bear Paw Lodge - both with access to the the Ritz Hotel amenities, complimentary shuttle services and hot tubs on site  - its easy to remain luxurious all season long. Want something a little less extravagant? There's plenty of options for a quieter holiday too. The Charter at Beaver Creek and The Borders Lodge provide great value true ski in, ski out self catered apartments with hot tubs and many other amenities.

Snow Cloud Lodge luxury ski in ski out self catered apartments Beaver Creek USA
The Borders Lodge ski in ski out self catered apartments hot tub Beaver Creek USA

Après ski is always a big part of your ski holidays, as much as the slope action is important you need to relax and have fun off the slopes as well! Beaver Creek has many dining options on and off the slopes, live DJs, performances and concerts, taverns and bars, and a range of boutiques and shops to browse. Some of our favourites include Toscanini, an Italian restaurant, Rimini with their gorgeous crepes, gelato and coffee, and Beano's cabin on the mountain restaurant. See our Food of the Mountain collection for some delicious pictures. 

This exclusive resort has many hidden gems and that why we love it! Why not explore it for yourself? 

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Crashes can be comedic!!

Even the best of us will have some bad crashes, no matter how good we are!
Here's a great video showing this from Steamboat Springs, hopefully it'll get everyone chuckling!

For more beautiful photos and videos of the resort go to our website: www.chalets-usa.co.uk

Thursday, January 18, 2018

To all of our Australia and New Zealand friends and clients, could you even imagine building a snowman or ice sculpture at this time of year? 

We can, its been dumping snow steadily in the USA resorts this season so far, and we want to make sure you can enjoy it too! So, we have compiled an article to guide you our way... Click here for all the tips you need to plan your next summer ski holiday. 

Amazing snow sculptures at Vail ski resort Colorado
Book with us for this or next season to catch up on your ski time!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

What's on at Aspen Snowmass?

Aspen Snowmass has a huge range of exciting events coming up in the next few weeks. From Olympic Qualifiers to Snow festivals, there is something for everyone!

With the massive snow totals that Aspen have been producing recently - 45cm in the past week - we want to let you know what you can do off the slopes as well as on! The Toyota Grand Prix Olympic Selection finishes this weekend in preparation for the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, but thats only the beginning...

Ullr Nights are happening until the end of the season. Not sure what this is? Well, its a tradition at Snowmass in appreciation of the Nordic God of snow Ullr. This may sound a little odd, but the nights  are a perfect way to spend your Friday evenings after the sun has gone down at Aspen Snowmass. Included in the festivities is: live music, a bonfire with s'mores and hot chocolate, tubing, ice skating, and an a la carte menu to celebrate. Not only this, but the Breathtaking Alpine Coaster which premiered this season with also be open for exhilarating rides. 

Another exciting event which takes away those January blues is the annual X-Games Aspen. This festival brings the best winter sportsmen and women together to exhibit their amazing skills. All competitions are free for the public to view so make sure you make your way to Aspen for the 25th to 28th of January! Aside from the sport, there are also a vast range of musical events staged on Buttermilk Mountain to really make this a festival for the diary.

These events are only for January, but the delights of Aspen Snowmass are year round. Go to our article on Experiencing how the other half live at Aspen Snowmass to explore more of the special world that is Aspen Snowmass.

Already sold on your trip to Aspen Snowmass? Check out these beautiful ski in ski out, high quality accommodations.

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Today's Incredible Snow Totals

There has been a great storm passing over Colorado in the past couple of days that has dumped loads of snow on the Rocky's mountains!

Aspen Snowmass recorded highs of 7", while Beaver Creek lead the pack with 10"!

Other impressive totals include 5" at both Vail and Breckenridge, as well as 4" at Keystone.

For more snowfall information on these resorts visit our website